May 11, 2016

Very happy with the quality of meat and the service from our sales rep John. We have never felt pressured by John. We have been happy customers for quite a few years now !!

W.M. – Kingston

May 10, 2016

At the beginning of ordering from Canadian Home Grocers I had purchased some dry goods and can goods but the last two years I purchased only my meats and the ketchup as I buy most of my can goods etc by bulk. Canadian home grocers is awesome because all your meat is individual packs and if there is something you don't like they will exchange it for you the next time their in town. I give them thumbs up ,very good quality meats at an amazing price and you get to choose how many payments you want to have during the year of paying.

B.S. – Cornwall

April 12, 2016

Canadian Home Grocers is a wonderful way to help make life easier and feel good about feeding the family. It gives us access to hormone free and great quality meat in a convenient manner. Love your company. Thank you for your service.

B.C. – Petawawa

November 15, 2015

Wanted to drop you a note to say how much we are enjoying the order we placed with your company. All the red meat according to my husband is just delicious and my chicken, be it ground, boneless or whole, tastes really good. We have some way to go till we are ready to ask for more of our order but I wanted to give this feedback.

S.H. – Orleans

June 24, 2015

I love the way this works. I always have meat in my freezer. Even if we are having financial troubles, I know we still have food. The meat is better than grocery stores, and you especially see the difference in the chicken. There isnít as much water that cooks out of it. I have less stress on grocery day because I buy way less than I used to. I always get polite and happy service when I call for my next order. I have never had any complaints.

K&A L – Ottawa

June 23, 2015

The service is friendly and exceptional. When we first ordered we werenít sure what we were getting into. After getting our first order, weíre now looking forward to our second one. We are pleased with everything. Food is great, but itís the meats weíre really sold on.

A&S M – Vankleek Hill

June 23, 2015

We have enjoyed the food. Having less water content gives us more meat for our money which is always a good thing. We also enjoy only needing to shop for the vegetables/milk and other items in the store where the healthy food is located.

T&L S – Rockland

June 18, 2015

I am very satisfied with the products and service I have received from CHG. I have used CHG twice now, the first time I placed a large order which included a new freezer. All the cleaning products worked well and the meat was packaged in good sized portions. All my choices were of good quality. The staff I dealt with were very professional and the options that I was given for payment and delivery worked well for me.

SE – Smiths Falls

June 16, 2015

Canadian Home Grocers has worked out for our family. As the Ďdesignatedí grocery shopper in our home it has certainly been much easier for me to just drop in and grab a few essentials once a week at the supermarket. We are not much for studying the weekly specials, so the fact that we are getting a good deal on groceries has brought us peace of mind, plus, we donít have to compromise on the brand names that we choose. I can certainly recommend this service. And say, that at the least, you should check it out for yourself.

L&D M – Ottawa

February 10, 2015

We have been dealing with Canadian Home Grocers for going on 14 years now. Could not imagine my life without CHG. The customer service is amazing, the meats are amazing, the convenience of how everything is packaged is amazing. I just canít say enough ~ thank you for everything CHG.

J&T S – Orleans

February 4, 2015

Our first time using CHG has proven to be a great experience. The selection available is refined to suit our needs and the convenience of having these items on hand is perfect for last minute guests. The meats are individually frozen and vacuumed sealed, which allows for quick thaw. It makes grocery budgeting that much easier.

R&K F – Ottawa

February 2, 2015

This is our first order with Canadian Home Grocers (CHG). We were not disappointed !!!

For us, the convenience of having our order delivery split into two shipments is a bonus because we only have a small freezer, and when we ordered the second half of our order, we were able to make modifications based on our preference.

We absolutely loved the pork tenderloin and the filet mignon; both are individually wrapped and makes it so easy for our family, and if we have visitors, we just take out as many steaks as we need Ö. Too easy.

Great friendly service from Customer Service, and the delivery guys. We highly recommend CHG.

A&L D – Orleans

February 2, 2015

This is our first time using CHG. From the time they called to book the initial appointment, until my first order was delivered, everyone was very professional. Even the delivery guys, who always get flack for being grumpy and not caring about the customer, were very upbeat and walked us through the order and showed us where everything was packed in their boxes. They put the frozen goods beside our freezer so we could load it the way we liked. They put the dried goods beside our pantry so we werenít running up and down the stairs to put it away. They were very helpful, professional gentlemen.

The meat selection and the taste is amazing. Prices are amazing and staff are always friendly and very professional.

I see our family being a long time customer of CHG.

J&M G – Orleans

January 14, 2015

I have a family of five, and make big meals every day. The meat from Canadian Home Grocers is amazing, really tasty and tender. I love the fact that it is all individually packaged, it saves me so much time when cooking. I also like the fact that I have lots of canned goods that I can choose from before the order is delivered. This is a great service for big families.

A L – Ottawa

January 14, 2015

Great friendly service, with great prices you canít go wrong. We like that CHG brings everything to your freezer and/or pantry. Also easy payments which helps with your budget, especially in this economy. We will be using this service for a long time.

J & S H – Ottawa

January 13, 2015

This is the first time that we have used the Canadian Home Grocers service. The meat is excellent and the portions are always the right size. Also the convenience is wonderful, as we donít have to run to the store every other day. Thank you for providing us with this service.

C & K U – Ottawa

January 5, 2015

This was our first time using Canadian Home Grocers and we were very impressed. The quality of food is exceptional and their Customer Service is excellent. I would highly recommend CHG and we will definitely be ordering from them again.

K & M L – Ottawa

November 17, 2014

My family tried the food program offered by Canadian Home Grocers for the first time. We really enjoyed that we could choose the food that our family prefers, and it was even possible to make some changes on the second part of our delivery. The meat is very good and we have a variety of meat cut choices. The dry food items are popular brand names and the quantity was enough for our family. I personally enjoyed the fact that I did not have to carry grocery bags back and forth from the grocery store to my home!!!

C & G L – St. Isidore

November 10, 2014

My family and I have been using the services of Canadian Home Grocers for 10 years. That is approximately 30 deliveries. I enjoy their split order options because it allows me to make changes to my order without hassle or penalty. There have been very few discrepancies with my orders over the years, and on the rare occasion there is, CHG is quick to correct them. I plan to be a CHG Customer for years to come.

LG – Ottawa

October 16, 2014

We were recommended to Canadian Home Grocers by friends. The CHG Staff are friendly and accommodating. They are very flexible, and delivery was quick and professional. We will definitely be continuing with their services.

K & J R – Carleton Place

October 7, 2014

This is our first time using the Canadian Home Grocers service and it has been an excellent experience! The meat is fresh and better tasting than store bought, packaged in perfect proportions that make meal planning extremely easy. The variety of food to choose from is extensive, and the prices are very competitive. Delivery is convenient and the interaction with all staff is relaxed, friendly and enjoyable. We highly recommend this service for any sized family. The convenience and savings are phenomenal.

JH – Orleans

September 30, 2014

The best part of the Canadian Home Grocers service is the time saved running to and from a grocery store at the last minute to get a meal prepared at the end of the day. The food has been great, we have no complaints.

S & P S – Orleans

September 30, 2014

We are very pleased with the quality of the meat and the convenience of this service. The most important aspect to our family is how natural the meat is Ö. no steroids or antibiotics (like what you buy in the grocery store). This is one more thing that gives us peace of mind. You can actually taste the flavor of the meat. As well, I love the double (split) delivery option.

C & J R – Woodlawn

September 25, 2014

Canít say enough about Canadian Home Grocers, not only is the food and service phenomenal, but it is always right at your finger tips. The fact that I always have a freezer full of quality meats really puts a smile on my face. Canít wait until I get my next order. Hands down the best service, from the fantastic sales rep, to customer service. Where else can you get free meat bonuses just by telling your friends about it. Not only has CHG saved me time (by not having to go to the grocery store every day), but money too. Thanks CHG.

J & T G – Ottawa

September 22, 2014

We are first timer customers with any sort of bulk food service providers. We have been blown away with the Customer Service we have received. The ease of having products in-house while being on maternity leave was such a blessing.

We look forward to exploring options for our next order.

E & D R – Gloucester

September 19, 2014

We have been using Canadian Home Grocers for three years now and have experienced the greatest quality products. Our favourite is the ground beef and the steaks. The packaging seals in the freshness and the flavour of the meats. The individual 1 lb. packaging makes the preparation of dinner so simple and easy. This is such a convenient service and the value for what you are purchasing is evident. In addition to the great meats and products, you can also split your order and have it delivered in two parts so you donít have a freezer full of meat. Also the Staff are all very friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. CHG brings the grocer to your front door and the delivery guys are equally happy and friendly.

This is an amazing service and we will continue to use CHG.

T & C B – Kanata

September 10, 2014

This is our first year with Canadian Home Grocers and hand on heart, Iíd like to say the quality of the food is top notch. Being able to change products on our Part 2 order is awesome (try exchanging food from the grocery store).

The service is absolutely fantastic. Great job keep it up!

C & G G – Pembroke

September 10, 2014

Thank you for the great service. The quality of meat is very good, we really enjoy it. The Staff are very friendly. We love the fact that we only have to go to our basement to grab meat for our meals.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

R & L L – Ottawa

August 19, 2014

Well this is our first time ordering from Canadian Home Grocers and there truly isn't enough good things we could say about this company, the quality of their food and their service! The quality of the meat and the service we received is second to none. The food is fantastic and everyone we have ever dealt with from the sales rep to the delivery driver to the service representatives were all very pleasant to deal with! When we called in to get the second half of our order we were pleasantly surprised to realize that we could once again custom make our order to the needs of our family and to what we found ourselves eating more of etc. Our family would spend hours a week in grocery stores and spending copious amounts of money and to have our food delivered to us in the quantities and quality we want, not to mention the prices, is so convenient and has left our family with more time to enjoy doing other things! We would definitely order again! Thanks CHG for the great food and service!

T & M B – Brockville

August 13, 2014

We have been with the Canadian Home Grocers for 4 years now. We have always been very happy with the product. The advantage of being a Part II Customer (our order was split in 2 deliveries), it allows us to make some changes, either increase or decrease and substitute the quantity of one type of meat to another.

The quality of their products are second to none, and make meal planning very easy. There are a wide variety of meats to choose from whether you are looking for plain or flavoured meats as well.

I highly recommend CHG, and we plan to continue using there product for many years to come.

JL – Rockland

August 13, 2014

I have experienced the greatest quality products with Canadian Home Grocers. The packaging seals in the freshness and the flavor and the quality of the meats. The individual packaged made the preparation of dinner so simple and easy. This is such a convenient service and the value for what you are purchasing is evident. In additional to the great meats, fish, and additional products, the staff are all very friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. Canadian Home Grocers brings the grocery to your front door and the delivery guys are equally happy and friendly. This is an amazing service.

ND – Ottawa

July 30, 2014

The meat we received with our CHG order was very good quality, the bacon so delicious, not like the pre-packaged grocery store product. The amount we received was impressive also. Half of our 14 month order lasted us 8 months. I was also impressed that we were able to purchase a freezer with our order. The total of this package was ideal for us.

N & L S – Petawawa

June 05, 2014

We are a new customer with Canadian Home Grocers and have just received our 2nd delivery. The CHG driver was so very helpful, polite, accommodating, and just a really nice human being. He remembered our home, the basement layout, and where the freezer was located. Overall (as a customer), it speaks highly for the organization and the service they provide. We are so impressed with the food and the service.

We will definitely be re-ordering.

P & D P – Ottawa

October 06, 2013

We have been with C.H.G. for about 6 + years. We love the convenience of the home delivery with the fact we both have worked shift work and having 3 boys to shuffle to this activity and that activity. So we don't have to go to the city (30min. drive) as often to get groceries. We have done many variations of the order.

J & J S – Williamstown

Thursday, October 03, 2013

I have been a customer of Canadian Home Grocers for 5 years and cannot say enough about them. Their meats are vacuum-sealed for freshness and labelled making them easy to find in the freezer. Having the meats stored in 1lb packages makes it easy without the fuss of having to weigh the meat for the amounts needed for recipes. The variety of meats offered is also very pleasing. Having a full freezer with many choices makes meal planning so easy.

Not only are the meats satisfactory but also the customer service is unbelievable. Iíve had employees on the phone for extended periods of time making sure they satisfy my every need as well as the needs of my family. Their recommendations are so helpful, I trust them completely. The bonuses offered to returning customers are definitely rewarding.

I highly recommend Canadian Home Grocers.

L & B S – Barry's Bay

Thursday, October 03, 2013

This will be our third time ordering from Canadian Home Grocers with their 10 month program, and as you can tell we are a satisfied customer. Their friendly service is top notch. When a representative comes into your home he is pleasant, knowledgeable, and open-minded. They will sit down with you and discuss your family's needs, work out a plan that best suits you with their products, and then decide on the best financial approach.

We were blown away by all the meat products available, as well as dry. We get really excited when it comes to their meat. It is vacuumed sealed so you don't lose all the flavoring, and tastes delicious! Every year that we have recommitted, the company won't hesitate to maximize your satisfaction. What I mean is if you want to change up your order from year to year, that is not a problem. If you want to recommend some friends, or family members, you get rewarded. There is even a reorder bonus!

Canadian Home Grocers stands behind their products.

V & T D – Orleans

Thursday, October 03, 2013

I really like CHG as the meat is the best as well as the food in general. With a busy life as mine, itís fantastic to not be standing in line at a grocery store. I have been using company for approximately 6 years or more and recommend CHG to all my family and friends

RS & RM – Ottawa

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Absolutely love all the meat/dry goods weíve gotten from you guys over the last 13 years. The chicken is our family (and Guests) favorite, always so moist never dry. I love the way everything is pre-packaged individually. I highly recommend Canadian Home Grocers for any size family. Good quality meat/dry goods and at a great price.

MAB – Nepean

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I have been a customer of Canadian Home Grocers for 7 years. You can't beat them for convenience and freshness. All meats are vacuum sealed and labeled for easy identification. I am also pleased with the variety of meats and the fact that packages are tailored to my familyís needs. Service has always been punctual and courteous, from the Re-order consultants to the delivery.

P S R – Cornwall

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We have been with this company for 6 years and are very satisfied with the product and the excellent customer service. Having a full freezer with many choices makes meal planning so easy. We are a busy family of 5, so one less stop to the grocery store after work is a real blessing. I highly recommend Canadian Home Grocers to anyone who could use a little more time in their life.

J & R H – Pembroke

Monday, September 09, 2013

We have been customers for several years and just signed up for another shipment. We love so much about this company. We love the products: the meat and chicken products are tender and taste great--even our kids will eat them. The packaging is great. The food does not get freezer burnt even though much of the food stays in our freezer for months (sometimes 8 months). We love the convenience of having the food delivered and having it readily available for last-minute meals. The variety of the products and the ability to choose what we want are very helpful for us -- a family of picky eaters. We have no complaints about the customer service. The employees have always been helpful and courteous.

M. R. – Belleville

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

We have been with Canadian Home Grocers for a number of years. The meat, chicken breasts and steak we have ordered on a consistent basis; the quality is excellent, I find it is better than high end restaurants. It is always tender and so wonderful to cook. I enjoy the fact that since the quality is so superior, we have virtually stopped eating out, which saves us so much money. I am not even tempted to buy grocery store meat, as it is always disappointing compared to Canadian Home Grocers.

Having my order delivered to our home is so convenient. I never have to worry about the last minute dash to the grocery store for meat. Planning menus is so easy, as I already know what we have in the freezer! I can plan really excellent meals. Our daughters are now starting to cook meals for themselves, always have success in their recipes using the chicken breasts from CHG.

All in all I love the reorder service, the quality of the cuts of meat, and the outstanding service I get. I will always continue to recommend Canadian Home Grocers to my friends and anyone who eats at our house. I just have to tell everyone about Canadian Home Grocers.

TR – Cornwall

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We have been customers with CHG for approximately 10 years and have enjoyed the food and the wonderful service. When we first started our food orders, our five children were still living at home, so it was so convenient to have every sort of meat and extras delivered right to my front door. Now there are just four of us, and therefore everytime the family size and consumption became smaller, the staff helped us figure out the proper food plan for our needs. The service and wide variety of selection have always been excellent! I would also like to thank Vivian, Darlene and all the staff that have taken care of us for all these years; for all of their patience and understanding and for always accommodating our families busy life styles, by going out of their way to make sure that our orders are taken and received at our convenience.

Keep up the good work and the good food! :)

LV & SV – Casselman

Thursday, August 08, 2013

This is our 5th re-order with Canadian Home Grocers. Our family of 4 enjoys the convenience, quality, and taste of the meat we receive. It is individually shrink wrapped, so preparing last-minute meals doesn't mean having to order out or buying fast food. The quality of the meat is better than any grocery store and the lean cuts don't taste like filler, as their grocery store counterparts do.

The home delivery is fast, convenient, and the drivers are always professional and courteous. In a matter of an hour, the freezer and pantry are fully stocked. Unexpected dinner guests aren't a problem, and they all want to know where we purchase our meat! The flexibility is incredible, whether it's a change in the order, the amount of time between orders, or the delivery time. Re-ordering takes a matter of minutes over the phone.

If you haven't tried Canadian Home Grocers, you're missing out!

JM & S – Orleans

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We first became customers of Canadian Home Grocers in 2007. We continue to appreciate the top quality products and the customized packages. We value spending our money on just the cuts of meat our family enjoys and in the quantities we want. It is nice to have the meat on hand. In the end we save money when we make less frequent trips to the grocery store.

J&S S – Arnprior

Tues, June 11, 2013

This morning I placed my 12th year order with Canadian Home Grocers. In the past years we have had amazing service. I can't imagine ever having to buy meat in a grocery store. We have been so spoiled with the products and the fact that it is delivered twice a year. My freezer is always full. We love the convenience and the quality of the meats! We would not do it any different.

Thank-you Canadian Home Grocers for making my life so much easier!

J&T S – Orleans

Saturday, June 08, 2013

When we were first contacted by Canadian Home Grocer, we were a little reluctant to purchase all our food at once , especially items we have never tried. We are no longer reluctant. We took the chance and Canadian Home Grocer did not disappoint. We are given excellent service at our convenience and the meat provided is excellent. When we have guests for dinner they ask us where we bought the meat. It is individually packaged in 1 pound packages for easy portion size. My family has been using Canadian Home Grocer for three years now and plan to continue. They offer many specials, rewards and bonuses to both new and returning customers. Choose Canadian Home Grocer!

S&J V – Brockville

Thursday, June 06, 2013

I just wanted to let you know that this is my 4th year ordering from Canadian Home Grocers. The first year I ordered I was a little worried about it. When my order arrived I couldn't believe the amount of product that came. The meat alone filled my freezer and I had to stuff the veggies and french fries into my fridge freezer. The dry goods filled my pantry. The quality of meat was excellent and the fact that it was packaged in individual portions was a great benefit to my family. I could take out as much as needed for the number of people at dinner that night. As a foster parent there are often various numbers of people at my dinner table on any given evening.

Having this food order saves me so much time in shopping and putting groceries away. Plus for me, the added benefit is that I don't have to touch raw leaky meat packages in the grocery store or have them leak onto other food in the grocery bag!

As I said this is my 4th year ordering. If I wasn't totally happy, I wouldn't still be ordering!

C SC – Belleville

Thursday, May 9, 2013

This is the fourth year we have been shopping with Canadian Home Grocers. We have always received the highest quality of everything from customer service, dry goods, and especially the meat we have purchased.

Our guests always ask us where we find such great quality of meat, and we love to tell them we found Canadian Home Grocers. The specials, reward packages and regular prices are phenomenal.

Everyone should try Canadian Home Grocers at least once, they wonít want to go back to their traditional shopping habits. Itís a great affordable way to shop for a busy family on a budget.

Thanks Canadian Home Grocers,

L&R – Cobden

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I like always having a full freezer and pantry,especially, as we always have so much company. The grade of meat is excellent! When I buy lean ground beef in the store I find it has way more fat then CHG's beef.

LL – Pembroke

Thursday, May 2, 2013

We received our first delivery from the Canadian Home Grocers last night and I wanted to say "Thank you" for sending such courteous and professional employees. They quickly and efficiently delivered our order and were at our house promptly at 7pm (our window was 7-9pm).

N&A – Rockland

May 1, 2013

We are a family of 5, with 4 of them being boys and have been with Canadian Home Grocers for 7 years. We absolutely love the meat. We haven't had any meat from the stores that can compare. The service is great, fast and they always carry in the boxes to where you want it to go and not just inside the front door. Thank you Canadian Home Grocers for being so great!

J&G – Orleans

May 1, 2013

As a customer for the last 6 years, I have enjoyed the individual vac pack selections. It has made my fast pace life so much easier. To get home and realize nothing has been taking out for supper is no problem. It only take a few minutes to take something out of the freezer and run it under cold water and in to the oven or on the bbq. CHG makes my life so much simpler. Thanks for 6 great years and many more.

HS & NP – Cornwall, ON

April 16, 2013

We have been with Canadian Home Grocers for four years now. They have great prices and great quality meat. Having guests over for summer BBQs and hearing the good comments on the meat makes it worthwhile. People tend to be afraid of purchasing frozen meat like steaks, chicken, fish or pork, wondering if the quality will not be good. Being a CHG customer, I can assure you that the quality is A+. If by chance you're not satisfied, Canadian Home Grocers comes with a full guarantee. That is something you will never find in a regular grocery store. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful when putting in your order. We have saved a great amount of money each year by being with them and plan on staying with them for a long time. Give it a try, I can guarantee you, it will be the best decision you ever make.

D&K S – Alexandria

April 16, 2013

This is our sixth year ordering from CHG. We love the quality of the meats and the convenient packaging. Ordering and delivery of the food is fast and professional. With a busy family it is reassuring to know there is always food in the freezer. This also means less trips to the grocery store. We will continue to order from CHG for years to come.

KM – Cornwall, ON

April 11, 2013

My husband and I are 27 years old and this is our second year dealing with Canadian Home Grocers. We have only dealt with a couple employees but they have all been very professional and great to deal with. Now that we have been with CHG for almost a full year, we can say that we are very happy with the food and service. The quality of meat was perfect and all the packaged food was name brand items. The best aspect of CHG is the convenience. With a new baby at home, it was great having a freezer full of food on hand all the time. It saved me from making many trips to the grocery store. Thanks.

SP – Prescott, ON

April 7, 2013

My family has been getting our meat from CHG for 6 years running. We love the convenience of always having a variety of meat on hand to choose from. The best part is that each year our order is completely tailored to our taste and needs. The ordering process with the customer service representative couldn't be any easier or more convenient as it's just a short phone call, at a time best suited to me. Since all the meat is vacuum sealed in individual pieces, a meal of any size is easy to create at any time. This has been a huge benefit for us as our weekdays are hectic and meals are usually thrown together at the last minute. CHG provides quality meat at a reasonable price and with excellent customer service.


ML – Ottawa, ON

March 14, 2013

CHG has worked with me over the years to make sure I have the right amount of food for my family’s needs and at a price we can afford. There is a package for any family, no matter how big or small. The quality of the meat is outstanding. I have CHG meat in my freezer that is two years old, but you would never know it! The meat never gets freezer burnt and because of the flash freezing process, defrosting is quick and easy. CHG also makes my life a little easier. I spend less time in the grocery store and less time looking through flyers trying to find the best prices. Thank you CHG for your quality products and your outstanding customer service.

AU – Inverary, ON

March 4, 2013

As a long term customer here are some things I really enjoy about CHG. My experience dealing with CHG has always been positive and pleasant. I believe I am now in my 9th year with Canadian Home grocers, and I am still very happy with their service. Why you might ask, most importantly the quality is fantastic and the food always tastes fresh. The meat is sealed and frozen in a way that makes it easy to pull something from the freezer before work and it’s ready to cook when I get home. Because most things are sealed in plastic, if I forget, I just drop the sealed items in some water and within an hour or so is usually ready to cook.

Yearly Discounts for reorder shows me that repeat customers are valued by the vendor, and I do appreciate that.

I can honestly say that I saved at least $1,000 or more per year in groceries, and have the convenience of having things on hand all the time. If you have space for grocery storage, this is a no lose situation in my opinion.

TB – Cornwall, ON

February 6, 2013

I have been a customer for more than 5 years. I have found the service to be exemplary. Prices are excellent, products are pre-packaged to requested sizes and meat cuts, and customer service is very responsive to problems.

The service provided has significantly reduced my overall food budget and allowed me to spend my time in activities other than shopping.

ML – Vernon, ON

January 31, 2013

I have used Canadian Home Grocers since 2007 and I keep returning every year. I find the quality of their meat is very good and I don't have to buy meat every week. Living in the country, this is a big plus! No more worrying if the meat will still be good after a ride home on a hot day.

I like their courteous and no-pressure service. What I like is that I can tailor my order to what I really want and I am not locked into packages that I don't like. I am always looking forward to my order because, this is what we eat!

Canadian Home Grocers helped me survive my growing, ever-hungry teenagers. Now that they are almost all young adults, I have reduced my order to fit my reduced needs but I am always prepared when they come and visit. The meat is in the freezer!

I would recommend Canadian Home Grocers to all young families. Thank you.

AS – Gananoque, ON

January 31, 2013

We have used the services of Canadian Home Grocers for the past three years. We are particularly pleased with their meat selection, which we have found to be superior in texture and taste. With the recent scare over tainted beef people need to be especially cautious, but we had no reservations in ordering from Canadian Home Grocers. A lot of family and friends were concerned but we gave them some of our meat to try and they trusted us based on our never having any problems with Canadian Home Grocers in this area. Their business professionalism and follow-up is excellent and we would definitely recommend people trying them out!

D & F – Moosecreek, ON

January 30, 2013

Thank you to everyone at Canadian Home Grocers for the great service that we have received over the years. Always friendly staff ready to serve you the way the customer wants to be served. Delivery is always on time, orders are always bang on and quality of the food is second to none at a price that is affordable.

Keep up the great work.

P & BL – Ottawa, ON

January 23, 2013

Purchasing groceries through Canadian Home Grocers means that there is always food in the house - especially meat in the freezer. It cuts my shopping time in half and saves trips to the grocery store. In addition, the staff is always pleasant and accommodating. I would recommend the service to anyone who would rather do anything but walk the aisles of a grocery store!

AM – Madoc, ON

January 4, 2013

My family & I have been enjoying Canadian Home Grocers products for over 3 years. Their meats are always fresh & delicious no matter how we choose to prepare them! Having 3 young kids at home and always being busy, we find it extremely convenient to just pull out exactly what we need from our freezer. It is especially great how fast the meat will thaw in case of unexpected dinner guests! We are constantly having friends & family members ask where we got the great meat from. Canadian Home Grocers has a huge selection of products to pick from so we get a great variety of different meats & vegetables. The prices are excellent & their staff is extremely helpful & caring which makes ordering a breeze. I would highly recommend to anyone considering it to give them a try, you won’t be disappointed. It feels great knowing that my family is getting such a good quality product that I can trust. We will definitely continue ordering their products in the future.

K & BP

January 4, 2013

Ordering with CHG has been a complete delight from beginning to end. From dealing with the initial sales person who came to our house, to the customer service staff who answered my many questions to the kind and polite man who delivered our orders, we're completely satisfied with our decision to order with Canadian Home Grocers.

What's even better than their staff, is their meat! In the last years, not once have we been disappointed with their products. The packaging is always air-tight, the meat stays fresh for months on end and we love the individual size packaging.

In addition, all their re-order promotional packages and referral programs are excellent - we take as much advantage of them as possible. Thank you CHG for making my life easier!

J & DP – Russell, ON

December 13, 2012

Barbara & I have been purchasing our food from Canadian home grocers for a year now. We especially like the value, quality & taste of the meat (flash frozen) and that it comes from local sources wherever possible. We also appreciate that CHG can cater to the customer and split up food orders depending on the freezer space available. The cleaners also work very well such as the iron cleanser. And finally we like to support a local business.

B & R – Greely, ON

December 10, 2012

We have been customers of Canadian Home Grocers since 2003 and with kids in the house; it has been a great service for our family. Our boys have grown through their teenage years and we went through a lot of food in that time!

The food is great quality as is the customer service and very convenient for a busy family. Thank you CHG!


LC – Ottawa, ON

December 10, 2012

I would just like to say how much we have been enjoying getting Canadian Home Grocer's products. We have found their meats to be excellent quality and portion size. We have ordered beef, pork, chicken and fish and have enjoyed all. I found the ground beef from the grocery store to be not as lean, and generally not quite as good quality. CHG's roast are all good cuts and cook up well. The convenience of just going to the freezer as opposed to the grocery is fantastic.

As well as the quality of the products, I would like to say that any of the staff we have dealt with at CHG have been friendly, helpful, and always great at answering questions. Their deliveries have always been when expected and the orders complete and no problems.


KD – Perth, ON

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